Robot Underdog Weekly Scifi & Superhero Podcast

April 9, 2014  
Hosted By Paris Lay & Donnie McMillin

We review and give our thoughts on the latest episodes of "The Walking Dead" since season four's mid-season return.
February 18, 2014  

Our thoughts and predictions on the upcoming Captain America: Winter Solider" movie.

February 5, 2014  

The best podcast on the internet - We discuss our thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg taking on the role of Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons being cast as Alfred Pennyworth in the upcoming Superman Vs Batman film.


In this podcast we talk about our predictions on what will happen in pt. 2 of Walking Dead season 4.

January 6, 2014  

The title says it all! In this podcast we will discuss all of the most exciting rumors, predictions, and casting choices for the "Batman Vs Superman" movie hitting theaters in 2015!

November 16, 2013  
Thor 2 "Dark World" movie review 
Hosted by: Dylan Kress, Paris Lay, & Donnie McMillin